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Now in our Second Generation


Our name, our brands - they're everything. Since the very beginning in 1988, our simple philosophy has always been "Work hard to put the customer's needs first." We are known for timely response to customer's needs. And no voice mail – when you call us, you talk to a person, not a machine. In every aspect of our business, one or more of our family members are directly involved – from Sales & Marketing, Order Entry, Customer Service, and Accounts Receivables to the Assembly Line and Shipping & Receiving; you are in good hands. You are the livelihood of our business – you won't get lost in the corporate shuffle.

For many years our focus has been on the school supply market, but our commercial grade products are made for so many other markets as well; use anywhere you need strong, durable furniture, tables & chairs. We customize each order, pulling from an assortment of man sizes, shapes & color combinations of components which makes up about 18,000 UPCs. Made to last for many years, our products are perfect for adult and children waiting areas, break-rooms, libraries, schools, offices, and homes - just about anywhere. Let us custom build modules and other furniture for you...the possibilities are endless!

All of our products are made in our Van Buren, Arkansas, facility; sewing, fabricating, powder-coating, injection molding and assembling. In fact, every part of our business is in-house, not just our production; office, warehouse, shipping & receiving – helping to control our overhead as well as contributing to the quality of our manufacturing; the end product.               



May 10, 1988, the official date Mahar and McCourt, The Cot & Rest Mat Specialists, became a business.  With Charles McCourt's financial stability and his entrepreneur experience in the rental and chair manufacturing business, James' knowledge of cot and mat manufacturing from experience working for Tucker Duck & Rubber and plant manager at Inwood Industries and McCourt Manufacturing and Pam's knowledge of customer service and office management from working at Inwood Industries, we set off with high hopes of growing our business.  We knew there would be many uncertainties, adventures and challenges ahead.  This was especially true for us, being in our early twenties and having no college degree nor previous entrepreneur experience.  We didn't know what to expect, but we were all three anxious and eager to work hard and to persevere.        

We continually adapt to the industry changes as well as to other new challenges and changes that all businesses must endure.  Sadly, December 2012, we lost our friend, Charlie McCourt, to cancer.  He was a big part of the existence of our cot & mat manufacturing business in the early years. We learned a lot of valuable lessons from him in the ten years of our business partnership. If you've ever met Charlie, you'll remember his fuller than life personality. He is remembered and missed.

Our family has been blessed over the years to have wonderful people working with us.  Customers we work with every day who make it pleasant - we are not just business associates, but friends...employees who have become more like close family members...vendors who are easy to work with.  It's all of these people believing in us and our wonderful family who have played a role in making our business successful.        

In 1988, we were anxious and eager to work hard and to persevere.  And today, we are still holding true to those values.  To our customers, to our employees, to our family...we thank you immensely, for being a big part of Mahar Manufacturing and may we all have good health and success over the next twenty-five plus years.

James Mahar – President & CEO
Pam Mahar – Exec. V. Pres.