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Activity Tables

Anna Bardrick - Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I remember the joy I felt as a kid when a teacher would bring out the crayon and marker tubs.  The moment the paper and supplies were put in front of me, I would go to town!   After putting the finishing touches on my perfect masterpiece, I would lift up my paper to admire my work, and there I would see it.....the marks from where my creative utensils had missed the paper and ended up on the table, thus creating more of a disaster than a masterpiece.  However, with Mahar Creative Colors Classroom Furniture 'Activity Tables', permanent marks from creativity aren’t something that you need to worry about.  

Both the table top and bottom are tough thermofused laminate.  This makes them stain-resistant and easy to clean!  With Mahar's Creative Colors 8 table top color options, and 15 table trim color options, it’s easy to find a table that will match your décor.  Mahar Creative Colors also offers two adjustable table leg heights:  Toddler (16-24in) and Standard (21-30in).  These durable, safe, and attractive tables are the perfect solution for letting a kid’s creativity blossom as they create masterpiece after masterpiece.  

Contact us at 1-800-224-8268 or for more information.  

Stacking Cots

Anna Bardrick - Monday, December 14, 2015

Being a preschool teacher taught me many things.

1.  Popsicle sticks will be your best friend, but never leave a child unattended with them.

2.  There is no such thing as too much craft time.

3.  When a 3 year old says they need to use the bathroom, take them seriously.

As important as those life lessons are, the number one thing I took away from that preschool classroom is the importance of organization.  Clutter can easily be a teacher’s downfall...literally. 

In one room, there is a surplus of supplies that should be able to educate the minds of children for a year.  One whole year, crammed into 30x30 (if you’re lucky) square space.    There’s not much room for anything besides the essentials.  That’s why Creative Colors stacking cots are an essential nap time item.


After nap time is over, you can stack the cots back up together, taking up hardly any floor space.  With the cot dolly you can stack and store up to 20 cots.  That stack will fit through most doorways, so you can easily put it in a closet space if there is room. The cots themselves include no screws, nuts or other small parts, so they are incredibly easy to put together.  The frame is constructed with powder-coated 18-gauge cold-formed steel that provides strength.  The lace-up cover is made of non-sage, open weave, vinyl-coated polyester yarn fabric which meets the strict CA Fire Code #117.  The cover and frame carry a 10-year warranty, and the injection molded polypropylene plastic legs are guaranteed for life.  If you are looking to add some organization to your classroom, I would suggest giving these stacking cots a try.  They will open up floor space, and that’s always a positive in the classroom!

Rest Time Mats

Anna Bardrick - Thursday, November 12, 2015

“Nap time!”  Two words that seem to translate to “torture” for kids.  I’m sure we all remember the days of our youth when a nap was the only thing that could ruin our day.  Looking back now, I wish I had appreciated those 30 minutes of quiet rest.  As an adult, it’s unacceptable to curl up under your desk at work for that nap you want oh so badly, but I digress.  Despite all the resistance you offered as a kid, you always seemed to succumb to sleep during nap time.  What helped with that?  A comfortable mat for you to rest on.  Creative Colors offers top of the line rest mats.  These mats are the perfect addition to nap time, helping kids drift off to sleep where they can dream of a day filled only with recess.  There is no outside binding for children to pick at or tear lose.  This preventative measure will keep students from getting distracted or becoming destructive during nap time.  Our mats are a higher durability than “heat-sealed” or “radio frequency sealed” and there is only one sewn outside seam.  The high density D31 foam and 10-mil vinyl ensures that children will be comfortable on these rest mats.  We are so sure that kids will love our mats, that we offer a 1-year warranty.  Our mats also meet the strict CA Fire Code #117, so they are safe to use in the classroom.  If you are looking for an item to make nap time better, consider using Creative Colors Rest Mats.  They just might be the perfect addition that you’ve been searching for.

Split Bucket Chairs

Anna Bardrick - Friday, October 16, 2015

6 Hours

  That is the amount of time a student typically spends sitting in the classroom.  That’s about 30 hours in a school week that a chair will be occupied.   

School chairs need to be comfortable and strong.  Here at Creative Colors, we have developed a design that is both unique and practical.  The design of our chair allows it to be stronger than the traditional single-piece chairs that you typically see in the classroom.  Plastic that has cracked in a chair is often a safety hazard.  Our plastic is a polypropylene that is made for high impact.  Some teachers tend to shy away from two-piece chairs because of the disadvantages they can offer.  Our frame extends into the back piece of the chair, adding strength and support.  The legs of our chairs are mig welded and can be labeled heavy-duty.  Nobody likes an eye-sore, so our powder-coated finished frames stay looking bright and new.  We stand behind our quality, and offer a 10-year warranty on our split bucket chairs.  If you’re looking for a new chair, give Creative Color’s split bucket chairs a try.  We know that they won’t disappoint you!  Contact us today for a dealer near you.  1-800-224-8268 or .  


Pam Mahar - Friday, July 03, 2015



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Pam Mahar - Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy NEW Year!

What's NEW at Creative Colors by Mahar? Colors! After all, we're known for our wide VARIETY of colors! And with all the color combinations in the many sizes and shaped tables, chairs and other products that we offer, we have over 20,000 SKUs!

Here's the new colors:  SOUR APPLE (SA), AUTUMN ORANGE (AO) and GRAPHITE (GT)...comes in the table trim (t-mold edge), chair seat/back, ball glides and the Graphite and Sour Apple in the table legs and chair frames. We don't have a Sour Apple available in the table leg and chair frame yet.

SISTINE BLUE (SB), TAN (TA) and GRAY (GY) now available in our cots with matching legs, except for the Sistine Blue. We do offer Navy legs, which looks great on the Sistine Blue cot.

And a NEW table shape:  JELLY BEAN that is cute as it is functional.  Item # *3265JB**-** (it's 24" width in the middle, 32" at widest on the ends by 65" long). The asterisks represent the top color, trim color and leg height. Available in all the colors we offer for our other tables and at the same cost as our 30"x60" rectangle. 

Please CONTACT us for color images, swatch & plastic chip samples.  Speaking of's an ongoing process of making new images because of the many SKUs.  If we don't already have the images you require, we'll be happy to put you on the list to get it made.  We do our photography and some of the editing & clipping, in-house, so please contact us in advance, giving us ample time to get the images-edited & clipped-for you.

We hope you have a healthy & prosperous 2015 and for years to come.

update your records - mailing address change

Pam Mahar - Thursday, October 09, 2014

Effective immediately, please, update your records to reflect the closure of our PO Box. Our physical and mailing address (below) are now the same.


            2211 S. 28th Street

            Van Buren, AR 72956


Phone, fax, and email information remains unchanged.

Help us speed the process

Pam Mahar - Thursday, October 09, 2014

We are happy to provide shipping quotes by email, phone or fax anytime during our regular business hours (M-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST). Please, remember to provide us with the SHIP TO CITY, STATE & ZIP/POSTAL CODE as well as the QUANTITY, SIZES & PRODUCT ITEM# -OR- DESCRIPTION. We MUST know each of these in order to give you the shipping cost. Please note: Shipping quotes are valid for 30 days.  

made in america movement

Pam Mahar - Wednesday, July 02, 2014




SHOUT-OUT!!! Calvert McBride - Ft Smith, AR

Pam Mahar - Friday, May 23, 2014
SHOUT-OUT!!! Calvert-McBride in Ft. Smith, AR. Serving the area since 1902. Specializing in commercial printing, ofc. furniture & supplies, promo items & more. Order online and if you're local, "Little Bob" will be at your door in no time (visit their web site to see Little Bob's photo)! We've been one of their happy customers for years. Please Like our Calvert McBride on FB. Way to go Tom Davidson & the entire team!